Clinical Pastoral Education and Prayer

Clinical Pastoral Education and Prayerart-rasch

Art Rasch, Hospice Chaplain

Education (CPE) and prayer fit together. Prayer, for me, has often meant my “out” to God. In my prayers, I “longed to be with God.” But within our CPE group this past year I’ve felt a deeper presence of “God longing to be with me.” Both, of course, are true. But in my own prayers, the first can become preoccupied with what I do for God, while the second opens me to God’s gracious love: what God is doing for me.

I spoke about both in a poem I wrote toward the end of our CPE unit. My poem “snaps pictures” of where I have been and where I am now. As you read it, do you see a picture of yourself?

I touched God today.
I told him what I need.
I felt better for my prayer,
How he should help me.
God touched me today.
He told me of his love.
I felt better in his presence,
How he embraced me.