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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How did The Chaplaincy begin?
A: The Chaplaincy began as an outreach of Richland Lutheran Church. In 1972 it was incorporated and housed at the church. Rev. John Moody was its first and sole employee until 1975. In its beginnings, the focus of The Chaplaincy was in pastoral counseling, particularly in the area of grief.

Q: How long has Hospice been part of The Chaplaincy?
A: Hospice accepted its first patient and officially opened in July of 1981. In 1984, Hospice became Medicare/Medicaid certified for Washington State and gained the ability to charge fees for services and to bill insurance companies. In 1996, Hospice House was built allowing patients with specific needs to have the option of being cared for in their own homes or in The Chaplaincy’s Hospice House. In 2001, an additional 4 rooms were added to the hospice house bringing the total to 10 rooms.

Q: How many patients does Hospice currently serve?
A: Hospice serves approximately 100 patients at any time. The majority of these patients are provided hospice care in their own homes or assisted living communities. In addition to in-home services, we also have a ten (10) bed Hospice House.

Q: Where do your Chaplains work?
A: Currently, we provide Chaplain services to Kadlec Medical Center, Kennewick General Hospital, the Juvenile Justice Center, Tri-City Cancer Center, nursing homes and to our own Hospice patients and families. In addition, our Emergency Services Chaplain and volunteer chaplains are on-the-scene throughout the region. They are there whenever the need arises and also support those who work in crises on a day-to day-basis.

Q: What is CPE?
A: CPE stands for Clinical Pastoral Education. Our CPE program is a nationally accredited program recognized for its quality by the U.S. Department of Education. CPE exists to train individuals in the art of spiritual care. The program is designed for seminary students, religious professionals and selected lay-persons. Students who have trained in our program are serving in various venues here in the Tri-Cities, across our country and around the world.

Q: What is Cork’s Place?
A: Cork’s Place, provides a safe environment where children, teens (ages 3 to 18) and their families, grieving the death of a loved one, share their experiences and find comfort as they move through their healing process. It opened in the spring of 2004.

Q: How large is the staff of The Chaplaincy?
A: Currently there are approximately 120 individuals employed by The Chaplaincy. In addition, almost 320 volunteers support the work.

Q: How is The Chaplaincy funded?

  • 88% Program Revenue
  • 11% Public Support
  • 1% United Way, grants & other income

Q: Is The Chaplaincy growing?
A: We have become recognized leaders in the care we provide. Our continued growth and expertise is a blessing to the communities and populations we serve. Currently,

  • at any one time, approximately 100 patients receive hospice care in their homes and in the 10-bed hospice house.
  • 16 full-time, part-time and on-call Chaplains comfort our community members 24/7.
  • 154 adults find support in one of the 7 grief groups and classes.
  • 43 children & their adult caregivers attend Cork’s Place