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Hospice Care



What is hospice care?


Hospice care is kind and knowledgeable staff members working with you and your loved ones to help enhance your quality of life. Personalized care will help improve your comfort. Your care is provided by our professional team under the direction of your own doctor. Patients and loved ones need to know that they are not alone during this time. If you need information, our services are only a phone call away. Call us - (509)783-7416.

Hospice care is specifically for individuals with a life-limiting illness whose goals focus on comfort and care rather than a cure. Our hospice team offers expert medical care and pain management. Our approach is to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the terminally ill patient and their family.

Hospice care is available to adults, children, and infants living with life limiting illness such as Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s, severe birth defects, and end-stage heart, lung, kidney, or liver disease.

Hospice helps by:

  • Managing physical symptoms and keeping you comfortable
  • Providing emotional and/or spiritual support for patients and loved ones
  • Helping with your daily living activities
  • Providing education about patient care, the disease process and changes which may occur in the patient’s condition
  • Providing bereavement support to patients and loved ones 

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